Inspired: London, A Guide to Handmade in London

After the increasing popularity of handmade products and DIYs, it seems that customers are now, more than ever, interested in designers and online shopping. With every purchase, they look for a "shopping experience". Inspired: London, a Guide to Handmade in London allows customers to meet designers, closing the gap between the producer and the buyer. The guide was created by Mary McDermott, owner of We Make London, a series of regular craft events across the city, after she spotted a rise in the interest in handmade products in the UK. From clothing to art, and detailed information about their creators, this guide helps you getting in touch with people that hand make products in London. The book aims to support local businesses and includes a useful directory of almost 100 organisations, suppliers, independent shops and designer-maker markets. We have absolutely loved the book - we've found super inspiring and we literally couldn't put it down. And the fact that it features products to suit every budget is a definite plus.

Inspired: London, a Guide to Handmade in London is available to buy online for £12.00 via the We Make London Website and in selected bookshops.