With winter fully in gear I have been feeling more under the weather than usual. At The Amazing Blog we found an UnBEElievable product used for immune support. Bee Prepared contains a powerful combination of anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids, and natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

There are two immune support formulas you can try: Daily Defence and MAX Strength. Daily Defence immune support contains a variety of high quality natural ingredients. It is recommended that you take one daily to maintain a healthy immune system. MAX Strength is a more concentrated version for when your system needs a bigger boost. Both supplements work wonders and can even help you get over an illness more quickly. The Bee Prepared supplements are great for colds, the flu, before & during travel, during exams, or even if you just feel run down. These amazing products have even won awards such as The Best Supplement and ‘Highly Recommended’ Best New Product of 2011. They are also safe for children (in lesser doses) since there are no artificial ingredients. And best of all they will keep you 'buzzing'.

The Daily Defence supplement retails at £9.99 and the MAX Strength retails at £11.99. You can purchase them at at various stockists and independent health stores. You can also check out their website here for more information. We at The Amazing Blog love these supplements. They are not only easy to take once a day, but also work miracles in keeping your immune system healthy- so far I haven’t been sick since I’ve tried them! We also love the way the UnBEElievable help to promote awareness of the plight of the ever decreasing population of British bees Please sign the Avaaz petition to help stop a particular neonicotinoid pesticide from being produced - which is killing all the bees.