MILA Candle "Chiara"

At The Amazing Blog, one of our favourite parts of the job is finding new, home grown brands to introduce to our readers. One such brand we've come across recently was Mila's Luxury Fragrance.

Specialising in luxury lifestyle fragrances that embrace the best of British craft and creativity, Mila Luxury Lifestyle Fragrances was built on a family history of trading in essential oils that inspired the founders to further the tradition and offer a modern take on olfactory craftsmanship. With the two founders so intimately involved in the developmental process, it gives them full control over the ingredients, ensuring that only the very best are used to create their luxury range of home fragrances. And as we're always on the hunt for the latest home fragrance to evoke a sense of mood in our humble abodes, Mila's Luxury Home Fragrance are the perfect find. Available in two carefully blended scents that balance the timeless with the new, they're the perfect addition to any room - be it your bedroom or your office.

The Chiara fragrance perfectly captures the fleeting glow of first light with its sense of ritual renewal, while the powdery top notes give way to deep, exotic nuances creating a unique and deeply complex and musky fragrance. And if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, why not try The Scuro scent? Embracing the moment of nightfall, the earthy undertones bleed through soft, velvety top layers that evoke a sense of mystery intrigue, perfect for a night-time fragrance. We tried the Chiara Candle...

Available in candle, diffuser or bath oil format, Mila's Luxury Fragrances are a decadent treat for the senses and are available to buy online.