Oriflame - Pretty Swan

lara's tuesday Whenever we get the chance of reviewing a perfume at The Amazing Blog we get super excited. After doing a bit of research on what perfumes to feature, we came across with Oriflame’s new launch: Pretty Swan 'A celebration of feminity and sophistication'. This we all wanted to try...

Pretty Swan has been created by Bernard Ellena, and it aims to reflect the Prima Ballerina’s aura – a mixture of brightness, feminity and grace. Ellena has chosen the purest quality of Pink Pepper coupled with Mandarin to evoke a Prima Ballerina's entry on stage. It is  the perfect blend of of deep Heliotrope and Jasmines with  a touch of velvety Apricot. When Pretty Swan warms up on the skin, the scent is very slightly musky, blended with rice powder, blonde wood and vanilla orchid.

We give this the all-round 'thumbs up' and it smelt really good on each of us (however, you'll be glad to know that we didn't spritz Mojai!) The question is, who's going to take the bottle home...? Pretty Swan comes in a vintage-style bottle that was inspired by a ballerina’s tutu - hence the rather elegant and flared tinted glass container. The price we think is a very reasonable £16.95 for 50ml for an  Eau de toilette.  So if you are looking for a soft, elegant scent that will enhance and not over-power then this is for you, it can be purchased on Oriflame’s website.