edwinas thursday Here at  The Amazing Blog we’ve been discussing how we all seem to still  have the odd scar from wounds during childhood activities (mine are on both my knees – too many roller-skating mishaps).  And although the years have been kind and faded those scars, some of them never really disappear. However, recently I’ve also acquired a long thin scar on my left hand from burning myself on the oven grill (yes I know it’s just plain stupid!) it’s healed and is now turned whitish but it’s still very much in evidence. I’ve been looking to test out Puriskin so now I have the perfect area to try it out on.

Why I’m excited to be trying Puriskin is that it has no nasties i.e. parabens or a petroleum base. It feels gentle and smells very fragrant (although it can be quite overpowering when first applied). I first became Interesting in the brand after seeing a case study and then hearing an endorsement by the GP Dr Sharma about her patients.

It is a vitamin rich product full of active essential oils like the unusual Tigergrass and Comfrey plant base incorporating Vitamin E Acetate, Chamomile Tea and Oil, Jojoba, Evening Primrose and Borage Oil. It is recommended particularly for acne scars, blemishes and stretchmarks. I’m using it twice a day and I have noticed a small difference in the scar on my hand which seems to be fading – but it’s early days. It also claims to soften hardened blemishes and smooth and refine raised and depressed areas of skin. It is only £19.99 for a 50ml bottle which will be cheap at the price if it makes my burn scar disappear – let’s hope it also banishes those grazed knee scars too! To receive 40% off of your Puriskin purchase type in "amazingpr40" and you will get this fantastic cream for £11.99!