Grayshott Spa - They've Got a Great Gut Feeling...

When you hear a comment like “7 days with us will make an enormous difference to your health, 14 or 21 days will change your life” (Elaine Williams, Director of Natural Therapies) it’s something that certainly whets your curiosity.  We at The Amazing Blog  were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of this unique and cutting-edge The Grayshott Health Regime Grayshott ProgrammeThis was developed by their two in house practitioners Elaine Williams, Director of Natural Therapies and recognised as a leader in her field, and Stephanie Moore, Grayshott’s Clinical Nutritionist. It works on a naturopathic principle so this programme centres on having a healthy and fully function digestive system (yes that’s ‘the gut’ to you and I). It’s all about focusing on the gut lining and replenishing the billions of health gut flora that live on the inside of the digestive tract.


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                             Massage & Treatment Room

The Grayshott Health Regime is really about healing and regeneration. It has been rigorously tested over the past months and has now finally opened its door to paying guests this week. It is the very first programme of its kind to launch in the UK and very much tailored personally to each guest’s requirements – the 7 day package includes the following:

  • Personal health consultations.
  • One-to-one consultations with a medical herbalist and a nutritional therapist.
  • An eating protocol that will heal and regenerate your body, (including two semi fast days  i.e. the 5-2 principle).
  • Abdominal massages, hydro baths and liver compresses to support the detoxification processes.
  • Monitoring and support, physically and emotionally by specialists throughout the programme.
  • Gentle exercise, Tai Chi, relaxation and breathing classes.
  • An educational lecture programme to explain the protocol and plan for on-going maintenance.
  • Post-departure support.


A selection of food served


It is a strict and precise ‘regime/programme’ where the guests need to make a minimum of a seven-day commitment. That said when I sampled some of the menu – there were some truly delicious food combinations: salmon and wasabi, chilli tuna sashimi wrapped in cucumber and mini fruit salads. All meals are well-presented with healthy healing proteins, fats, pulses, nuts with fresh fruit and veg.It struck me that any gnawing hunger pangs associated with ‘strict diet’ would be the very last thing any guests would experience here. This is not a programme that means abstinence from eating or being deprived from food –unlike many other clinical regimes. However you won’t be eating any sugar, grains or dairy products.

Grayshott Spa is one of the last remaining privately owned health retreats. It is set within 47 acres of the picturesque Surrey countryside (so for city of London dwellers it isn’t too far and your friends to can come and visit for a’ healthy’ day out) Prices start from: £1,495 for the 7 day Grayshott Health Regime Programme i.e. per person, single occupancy during low season including: Consultations, monitoring and support, lectures, meals, herbal tinctures, therapeutic treatments,gentle exercise programme and accommodation. Needless to say we’re saving our pennies as we’re all desperate to go!