Kelly Edwards Essential Starter Kit

Kelly Edwards At The Amazing Blog we love to make sure our skin is clear and healthy each and every day. With Kelly Edwards new 4 piece skincare essential starter set it is easy to cleanse my skin on a routine basis.  With her selection from normal to slightly dry skin this kit can offer people with different skin types a selection to choose from that will match perfectly.

For the past couple of weeks I have been following the weekly routine that Kelly Edwards suggests using her Essential Starter kit. Using the Cleanser, Toner, and Floral Moisturiser twice a day and exfoliating my skin once a week I have began to notice a difference with my skin. Before I go to sleep every night I use the cleanser to gently remove my make up  and wash my face. Then after clearing the everyday grime from my face I use a dab of the toner to hydrate and refresh my skin.The alcohol free floral scented toner has an added bonus to it, after hydrating your skin it restores the pH of my skin. The last step to my daily routine is to moisturise my face. Using the Floral Moisturiser it nourishes and protects my skin with a blend of rich plant oils, vitamins, and esstential oils that will leave my face and skin refreshed for the following day. While the Floral Moisturiser protects your skin, it also protects against radicals to combat the signs of premature ageing. On Sunday I used a little dab of the exfoliating cream to gentle buff away the dead skin cells and unblock my pores. It's nice to know that all of Kelly Edwards products are natural and do not contain any nasties. With all of her products being handmade in Wales, you know you are getting a great product for an affordable price.

With this easy weekly routine my face is glowing and feeling hydrated throughout the week. I have noticed a difference by using this 4 step process and other’s have too! You can find the Kelly Edwards skincare set on-line for £38. This set includes a 100ml Cleanser, 50 ml Toner, 50 ml Floral Moisturiser, and a 50 ml Exfoliating Cream.