Royal Effem - Terracotta Bronzer and Illuminating Stardust

royal effem Royal Effem makes it easy to get ready for a night out on the town with their Terracotta Bronzer and their Illuminating Stardust. Both of their products that we have used here at The Amazing Blog puts a special sparkle on your skin and makes your face glow with elegance.

With the combination of Royal Effem’s Terracotta Bronzer and Illuminating Stardust it enhances the natural glow of your skin for added beauty. After applying The Royal Effem Terracotta Bronzer it has a satiny consistency with a soft texture that won’t overpower the foundation that is already on your face. The bronzer smoothes over any infractions on your face to make them disappear. What I love most about the Terracotta Bronzer is the Jojoba Oils that is for delicate skin to soften your face and added Vitamin E that contains antioxidant formula to protect your skin. With 5 different colour shades of the Terracotta Bronzer, you can’t go wrong! With Royal Effem Illuminating Stardust this is the finishing touch to your eye-catching make up. The stardust powder brings back the glamour of the 1950’s with their fine pink and silver sparkle powder with a discrete scent of roses. Make your face sparkle and your neck shimmer with Royal Effem Illuminating Stardust for any evening out.

Royal Effem makes it their mission to develop and produce quality products with only the best ingredients to bring out every woman’s natural beauty. The Royal Effem Terracotta Bronzer is £20.25 and the Royal Effem Illuminating Stardust is £19.95, both are available online or can be ordered by telephone 0845 230 1581.