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At The Amazing Blog we look for new products that really catch our eye, er yes, quite literally!  And so when we received Miner’s Cosmetics Colour & Kohl eyeliners,  we were all squabling over over who was going to use which colour...What we all came to the conclusion was that when applied on both the top and bottom lash line - they really  make your eyes pop. I'm personally always on a mission to  find  eyeliners that are (1)  easy to apply and  (2) will last  right through day to night and I'm happy to report that I think that I've found a winner.

Miners Cosmetics Colour & Kohl eyeliners come in four different colours - which we received one of each (hence the squabbling over once particular colour - see later on!) They have the basic black and brown eyeliners and the stunning blue and gold eyeliners, latter great for those glamorous nights out. What I like is that these eyeliners serve a dual purpose as they can be used as both eyeliner and a kohl pencil. If you are using the black or brown Colour & Kohl eyeliner pencil for everyday wear, you can simply line your eyes or you could go for the full-on look to really enhance your eyes  to make you stand out in the crowd. My or our (but I got it!) favourite is the gold eyeliner which can be used to create a subtle look but can also be used to create a dramatic look. I noticed that when you turn your head, the gold has a shimmer which catches the light - which I really like.

Miner’s Cosmetics make this professional, dual purpose eyeliner pencil  super- affordable at a mere £1.99. You can purchase the different colours of the Colour & Kohl eyeliner pencils online for £1.99 or your local  pharmacy or chemist.

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