loveursoul Vitamin D3 spray



At The Amazing Blog as we slowly start to see more sun in the coming weeks, we have maintained our Vitamin D3 levels throughout the winter with loveursoul Vitamin D3 spray. After already trying out the loveursoul Goodnight Spray, we knew we were in for a treat again. Loveursoul makes it easy, convenient, and enjoyable to take the right amount of Vitamin D3 with their tasteful spray.

With the lack of sun we see everyday in the winter it is important to keep your Vitamin D3 levels up in order to maintain good health. To get the right amounts of Vitamin D3, we usually need help from the sun and different food sources. With my semi-healthy diet and about 20 minutes a day in the sun, this is exactly what I needed. With this spray, I have made it my daily routine to spray 8 pumps a day every morning right when I arrive to work, it’s my peppermint wake-up call! Trust me, after the first two pumps you want more, it is that enjoyable! It has a peppermint fresh taste to it that is addicting, especially since I love my minty fresh gum. After spraying loveursoul vitamin D3 everyday, my London blues started to go away from not seeing the sun all that much and I noticed myself to be more alert in the morning, even if it was from that fresh peppermint jolt you get from the spray!

After reviewing two loveursoul spray's we absolutely love them and find them very effective. To get your hands of a small tube of loveursoul Vitamin D3 spray, you can purchase it on-line.