Audaca Scrub and Hydrate


blogAt The Amazing Blog the girls are always getting samples of new face washes, soaps, and moisturisers to try. Finally I got my turn to try a new face scrub and moisturiser for myself. After looking up some different brands and getting the girls opinions, I decided to go for Audaca, who just recently launched a premium natural skincare collection specifically for men. I am still on the look for that perfect face wash that I can start using on a daily basis - maybe Audaca is the one for me?

Being as laid back as I am, I have never really thought to wash my face daily with a face wash, I just use a simple dove soap bar on occasion. Trying Audaca and their two different products, Scrub and Hydrate, really changed the way my face felt and looked after using them. Squirting a small amount of the creamy facial exfoliant I noticed the small bits of volcanic pumice and walnut shells that were there to remove dead skin and impurities. I started to use the Scrub while I was in the shower, instead of the plain soap bar that I usually use.  After getting out, I would use the Hydrate cream to moisturise my face before leaving my house to get to work. The Hydrate cream had a mixture of essential oils, vitamin E, and jojoba seed oil all blended in together to form a creamy but light lotion. The Scrub and Hydrate are not only good for a daily facial cleanser, but also for the days that I decided to shave. What I really enjoyed about Audaca Face Scrub was the closer and smoother shave that it provided me. Before shaving I would use the Audaca Scrub to exfoliate my face to lift trapped hairs that my razor wouldn’t normally get. After shaving, I used the Audaca Hydrate moisturiser that left my skin feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Finally, I understand why the girls have all their different facial scrubs and moisturisers instead of just using a plain bar of soap. Audaca Scrub and Hydrate made my daily facial cleansing routine different in a good way. Audaca did the trick with their Scrub and Hydrate to get me up on my toes to start the day off, feeling fresh and clean!  For a reasonable price, you can buy Audaca Scrub and Hydrate online for £14 each that include a 100ml flexi tube.