Jot Desk Coasters


If you are like the rest of us here at The Amazing Blog, where you need multiple cups of tea to get through your work day, than you have definitely noticed those ugly little rings that  mugs leave on your desk. And, if you are anything like me, then you always run the risk of clumsily knocking over your cup of tea while trying to reach for a pen. Well, I think we have finally found something that could help you with all of that. The Jot Desk Coasters is a perfect addition to any desk . It helps to  keep things clean and organized by keeping everything you need most all in one place. The Jot Desk Coaster is a combination mug holder and pen holder all in one. It combines two of the most essential desk items and places them all in one easy and stylish place. The coaster itself is made of non slip rubber so you won’t have to worry about knocking it off your desk when reaching for something and it completely diminishes the problem of those unsightly mug rings as well. The Jot Desk Coaster is a perfect compliment to any work space and makes everything look and feel more organized while, at the same time, keeping it all within reach.


The Jot Desk Coaster comes in 3 different colours (red, black and green) so you can easily find one to match you workspace and personality. You can purchase your very own Jot Desk Coaster on their website and if you type in the code word “BOOM” you can get a 10% discount on you new desk oragnizer. So set aside your worries of leaving messy mug rings or knocking over full cups of tea and get yourself a Jot Desk Coaster where you can have both you pens and your tea all in one easy to reach and stylish container.