Doris & Co. Hot in the Kitchen, Oven Friendly Cheeseboard

cheeseboard-blog Warm a fig jam topped brie in the oven. Chop some fresh herbs for an exotic Indian chutney. Slice fresh vegetables for a hearty stew. Slice a New York style cheesecake for all to share. Whatever cooking fad you fancy at any moment, The Doris & Co. cheeseboard is up for it all. This cheeseboard can easily hold up against all of your cooking adventures, no matter how crazy they may be. Not to mention, this board is oven and dishwasher safe so you can pop it out of the oven and into the dishwasher without taking time out of your evening to hand scrub it clean. With all the new age and modern cooking fads going around, this cheeseboard stands the test of time with its traditional beauty and sturdy build.

Doris & Co. prides themselves on making heirloom items true to the British style rather than making disposables. Their intention is to create pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation as well as withstand any sort of cooking extravaganza. When we, here at The Amazing Blog, found this cheeseboard we quickly saw it becoming a staple in our own kitchens. These cheeseboards are built in the classic English farmhouse style with a sweet hand painted quote in the center of each board, so it can easily match any kitchen décor. With all it has to offer, we can definitely see this piece quickly becoming something that is full of memories of being in the kitchen with close friends and family.

A Doris & Co. cheeseboard is the perfect addition to any kitchen. They offer several different sizes all with different quotes painted on each so you can choose the one that fits your décor and personality best. You can purchase your own Doris & Co. piece on their website for £29.95, and get ready to create many lasting memories…as well as any popular food fads.