Hokey Pokey

NEW blog template It is no secret that at The Amazing Blog we love our sweet and scrumptious treats with our gazillion cups of tea a day. We were lucky enough to be sent some Hokey Pokey Honeycombs by The Chocolate Society – a company that aims to raise the awareness of luxury chocolate in the UK. The Chocolate Society not only produces their own products, but they also look for exciting brands to introduce to their customers.

Hokey Pokey is The Chocolate Society’s best-selling brand and product, and we totally understand why! Hokey Pokey’s Honeycombs are handmade in small batches; apparently using a secret recipe, that includes real honey. Ironically, it seems that many companies that make honeycombs don’t use real honey – and Hokey Pokey swears their honeycombs taste better because they do use it! This real honey is taken from the bees that live on the farm that surrounds Hokey Pokey’s small farm in rural Somerset.

The Chocolate Society sent us Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Naked Honeycombs for us to try. While I am not a huge fan of Dark Chocolate, I found that my favourite were the Milk Chocolate ones – the honeycombs are double enrobed in luxury Valrhona milk chocolate. My colleagues loved the Dark Chocolate ones, covered in delicious dark Valrhona 70% chocolate. And the Naked Honeycombs were perfect to mix with milkshakes and to use as decoration for ice creams!

Hokey Pokey has definitely helped us making our afternoon teas sweet and even more enjoyable. All the girls at The Amazing Blog agree when we say that Hokey Pokey offer the most exquisite honeycombs we’ve ever had – the quality of the chocolate, the texture and the honey remarkable.

Each bag of Hokey Pokey (Dark, Milk Chocolate and Naked Honeycombs) retail at £6.50 for 150 gr. There is a sale at The Chocolate Society website at the moment and you can get the Naked Honeycombs bag for only £4. Hokey Pokey also offers a truly amazing hamper that includes a selection of different honeycombs for £34.99 – perfect as a gift and incredibly delicious!