Sewlomax Eco-Friendly Bags

blog Finding the perfect carry-all for all my things can be a hassle. Most of the time I end up carrying my makeup in ugly plastic bags or my smelly gym clothes in my nice work purse, and don’t even get me started on trying to find something to hold my monster of a laptop in. We are always looking for bags that are both functional and stylish but most of the time we only really find one or the other. It’s either stylish but completely impractical for regular use or functional but absolutely hideous.  I figured, after a long time searching for the perfect one, I would just need to rely on my plastic bags forever. That is until, we here at The Amazing Blog, came across the Sewlomax eco-friendly bags and with that,  all my troubles have vanished.


Sewlomax Bags are functional, stylish and eco-friendly. Each bag is made here in England with sustainable materials and adorned with darling images such as a row of red lipsticks for their makeup pouches or a cute pair of ballet flats for their laptop bags. Each creation is hand-embroidered by the founder, Emma, who devotes herself to making and designing fabulous and eco-friendly bags. These designer canvas bags come in variety of different styles all the way from coin purses to large totes. Each purse  helps to perfectly organise all your belongings in the most stylish way possible. They also make great gifts for others, or just as a treat for yourself.


To purchase your own Sewlomax bag go to their website and choose which style and design fits you best. These designs are attracting attention outside of the UK so get yours before it’s too late. Because how much longer can you really rely on those ugly plastic bags to carry all your belongings?