Juliette at Home - Lip Balms

blog Lip balm truly is an everyday essential for us girls here at The Amazing Blog. Every morning I wake up, wash my face, and then apply a smooth coat to my lips for that perfect finishing touch. When I came into work and saw four different samples of Juliette at Home Lip Balms, I knew I was going to have to try them out right away. And after a quick test, well… I now have one at home, one at work, and one in my purse.

I apply lip balm at least ten times a day to ensure that my lips stay moisturised and fresh (modestly of course) - carrying some in my purse is a must. The Juliette at Home balms come in a small simple tin allowing me to take them just about anywhere. And much like other Juliette at Home products, the tin is crafted with antique and modern elements giving it a contemporary design. The lip balm comes in four different flavours: Turkish Delight, Marshmallow and my personal favourites Parma Violet and Bitter Chocolate. With the spring months upon us, I absolutely fell in love with the smell of Parma Violet. The Bitter Chocolate had a sweet smell that made me believe I was actually indulging in some delicious truffles. No matter the flavour, all these balms left my lips feeling soft and hydrated. And each went on smoothly without leaving that irritating greasy feeling.

With the wonderful smells, non greasy application and simple tin, what is there to complain about? Just like my mascara, I now carry these lip balms everywhere I go. And for £4 each, you truly can’t go wrong purchasing a couple of your own.