Crumpled City Maps - Berlin

blog Since I absolutely love traveling to new countries and new cities and I recently decided to plan a weekend getaway to Berlin. With the help of Crumpled City Maps it was easy to make my way around the city and go to different museums, galleries, and see the different architecture. At The Amazing Blog we like to test out new products that have an edge to them. Crumpled City Maps truly are the “maps of the future”.

Crumpled City Maps puts a unique twist to the original square paper map. These maps are meant to be crammed into your pockets (or in their little pooch that they come with)  and are 100% waterproof. are printed on lightweight, flexible material - so practical; where as we all know that  'folding' a regular paper maps is a bit of art form!  So when I travelled to Berlin I just casually stuffed the map into my pocket everytime after looking at it. It was raining the entire weekend, and the joy of having a robust map that was completely undamaged - was priceless. These maps also provide 10 “Soul Sights” which are specially chosen places around the city that might be of specific interest. I decided to go to Shadows of Memory, which was the 4D Holocaust Memorial. It was absolutely breathtaking to see how thousands of pillars were evenly spaced around the centre of Berlin. I found the memorial quite emotional, remembering the 6 million victims of the Holocaust. Overall the map was easy, convenient and really helped me get around the city – especially in the rain!

Since they feature over 30 cities worldwide I will definitely be buying another one of  these Crumpled City Map when I next travel.  Not having to deal with the tedious task of folding (and unfolding) the map as well as being able to use it in the rain really helped reduce the stress that comes with travelling in a strange city. For only £10 you can have your very own Crumpled City Map they are available from good map and bookshops like  Stanfords, Foyles or Volte Face