Made in Heaven – The Rover: Aching Bones Muscle Soak

blog 2 So I got back last night from spending the weekend away with my flatmates - we all agreed on going hiking the whole weekend. It was fantastic, and the weather couldn't have been better! Before spending the weekend with my mates, the ever-so caring girls at The Amazing Blog made me carry SPF for the weekend - I'm a pale face, I'm afraid. When I got home, I sat on the sofa for a bit, and when I stood up my legs were killing me. I've never been a super sporty person, but I definitely thought I was in better shape and condition. Luckily enough, the SPF the girls gave me kept my skin safe, and The Rover's Aching Bones Muscle Soak that The Amazing Blog got sent a while ago gave my poor legs a rest.

I once again, decided to follow the girls' advice and give one of those potions that we get sent a try. I left the hot water running and poured a generous amount of The Rover's Aching Bones Muscle Soak into the bath. I got in and stayed in the water for 40 minutes - I was really exhausted. The Muscle Soak foamed very luxuriously and the smell was quite pleasant and clean. The combination of the warm water and the product really relieved my aching legs, leaving them warm and very relaxed. After that I put my pyjamas on, and literally fell fast asleep. Waking up this morning was a bit of a pain (as always), but my legs felt very well indeed.

Overall, The Rover as a brand get a definite thumbs-up from the only guy at The Amazing Blog. The products work and don't smell girly. The Rover Aching Bones Muscle Soak retails at £8.99. You can purchase them from their website.