White Dove and Wonder

blog At The Amazing Blog we love when old and vintage products are restored and transformed into works of art. When we discovered the innovative brand White Dove and Wonder we were enthralled with their brilliant creations. White Dove and Wonder specialises in creating quirky art by taking vintage shoe lasts from the 1930’s and using them to create handmade wooden designs that are then turned into shelves, tables or bookends. These pieces are highly sophisticated and will surely attract the attention of your friends and family.


When the creator, Susan Gaston, inherited tons of vintage shoe lasts from her family business she knew she could use them to help create something unique. She’s given them a new lease on life by using them to help create her White Dove and Wonder pieces, such as the bookends seen above. Each shoe last design is hand-crafted and stained with an elegant finish. And while no two shoe lasts look identical, you can be sure that your purchase is truly one of a kind. White Dove and Wonder creations are perfect for those of you who are passionate about interiors and home stuff, especially if your taste gravitates towards the quirky side of the spectrum.


You can order your very own Susan Gaston's creations from the brand's website. White Dove & Wonder prices start at £40 - even if the price tags are a bit spendy you'll still be in awe at the gorgeous art this talented designer has created.