Jonathan Aston - Vignette Tights

blog-purplehosery When it comes to fashion, my tastes and preferences are quite particular – I never wear trousers or jeans. However, I do love wearing high-waisted shorts, especially if they’re denim. Also, I don’t like wearing colourful clothes, as me and my best friend joke “Ana will wear any colour as long it is black”. When Jonathan Aston’s tights arrived to The Amazing Blog I was shocked by the powerful colours – bright pink and purple blended to give a dip dyed effect. My friends always say that I should really move on from black and wear more colourful clothes; so in order to shut their mouths I decided to give these tights a go.

Jonathan Aston was founded in Leicester in the mid-sixties by Ralph Salem. Salem changed the history of hosiery using knitting machines that had only ever been used for plain tights to produce ‘fashion hosiery’. Jonathan Aston quickly became one of the coolest names in the industry with celebrities like Twiggy and Jean ‘The Shrimp’ Shrimpton adorning their legs with these high-quality and fashion-lead tights.

The tights we received at The Amazing Blog are the Vignette Tights in bright pink and purple with a dip dye effect. As mentioned before, I was pretty scared when I first saw them – however, I ended up seeing myself wearing them everytime I wanted to add a bit (or a lot) of colour to my black outfits. Jonathan Aston tights quality is outstanding – and for a person that lives in tights because finds trousers to be terribly uncomfortable, that’s a bit statement. They’re very soft, fit perfectly and also, they’re very easy to wash. I’ve already washed them a few times and the colours are still as vibrant as the first day.

I’ll be definitely checking Jonathan Aston’s website for more designs and colours as then again, the quality of the material in truly excellent. You can order your own pair of Jonathan Aston tights off of or you can see the whole list of e-tailers here.