Greenscents Cleaning Products

blog Most cleaning supplies on the shelves today are stock full of harmful chemicals. Personally, I despise all those synthetic cleaning agents especially when they leave residue on my counters. It's even worse when those pesky chemicals dry out my hands. Here at The Amazing Blog, my colleagues and I are always looking for organic and natural replacements, so when Greenscents crossed our paths we knew we found a winner. Greenscents is a family run company that is committed to creating sustainable and ethically sourced cleaning solutions using only organic ingredients.


Out of the many products Greenscents has to offer, I have chosen to highlight three including the Non-Scented Laundry Liquid, the Lavender Multi-Surface Spray and the Citrus Washing Up Liquid. The Non-Scented Laundry Liquid was powerful and yet, gentle at the same time. This concentrated formula left clothes feeling fresh and clean. Quite honestly, I prefer non-scented laundry detergent as those with a fragrance tend to smell a bit tacky. And, most importantly, this liquid was sensitive and did not have an effect on my skin.  The Lavender Multi-Surface Spray claims to be ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and any hard surfaces. Here in the office it was perfect for cleaning up tea spills and oily fingerprints. I was quite pleased with this anti-bacterial spray. The Citrus Washing Up Liquid, which is definitely my favourite, not only smells incredible but easily cleans away any sort of mess on your dishes, pans and silverware. And it's fast too. Before leaving the office I always have to clean my tea mugs and this washing liquid really helps speed up the process. Not to mention, the bright citrus smell lingers around helping maintain that fresh clean feeling we all love.


Greenscents' products are truly a step above those traditionally found on the shelves. This company has developed excellent organic cleaning agents without sacrificing the quality. With my hands still moisturised and the office feeling clean I can proudly say that Greenscents is definitely recommend - especially if you have the same pet peeves as I do. You can purchase your own Greenscents essentials from their website from anywhere between £2 to £6.