WeWood Wooden Watches

blog As the only man in the office of The Amazing Blog, it is exhausting to continually watch my colleagues open box after box of  feminine products. When they aren't receiving packages they are discovering new items online. They all have the unique ability to find some of the most fascinating products - the list is seriously endless.  But for once I  have come across a rather unique piece of my own:  WeWood Wooden Watches. The name explains the product quite simply, they are indeed watches made of wood, but it's the philanthropy behind this innovative brand that really helps them stand out from the rest.


With a keen attention to detail, craftsmanship and sustainability, WeWood has designed their watches with the theme of 'eco-luxury'. The eco-luxury concept means that these watches not only look great but are as natural as the wrist you wear them on. Designed in a variety of styles from round faces  to square ones (above), each watch is made of  an eco-friendly wood - free from preservatives, dyes, alcohol, and nickel. But the environmental benefits extend beyond the treatment of the material. WeWood has partnered with American Forests to collectively organize a unique conservation project. For each WeWood watch sold, American Forests will plant a tree helping restore industrialised and diseased damaged forests. American Forests is the oldest nonprofit conservation organization in the United States so I believe you can be quite confident that your purchase will make a positive environmental difference. Ranging from £80-90 the price is a bit out of my budget but when my next paycheck arrives I will definitely consider one of these stunning pieces. The beige one above is definitely calling my name.


WeWood watches are sure to be a wearable conversation piece. These watches will not only look and feel great on your wrist but you'll be proud to know that your purchased helped reduce deforestation. For all you ladies out there, this is a great gift for the men in your life. And if you fancy one of these for yourself,  WeWood offers a  female line as well.  Visit the WeWood website to purchase your own luxury watch and plant a tree to support forest conservation.