London Marathon 2013

The Amazing Blog are always in for a good work-out, or at least that's what we like to think. This Sunday, on the 21st of April, the 2013 London Marathon takes place - and as Londoners we couldn't be prouder to say that it is the largest annual fund-raising event on the planet. 200px-London_Marathon.svg

Every year, approximately 30,000 people join together to run the 26.2 mile marathon through the streets of London. Not to worry if you’re not a professional sportsman (not that we are either!), the London Marathon is open for everyone – from beginners who walk the course, to professional athletes who treat it as a race. Each participant chooses a specific charity to sponsor their efforts. And with 50 different charities on the list, we are sure to find one that fits you.  If you’re like me, and are sure that you won't handle the full run, you can still join the marathon by cheering and supporting all the runners from the sideline.

The race starts in Greenwich and Blackheath and goes East up to Woolwich and goes back West crossing Tower Bridge and continuing on the north side of the river to Canary Wharf, heading back to Buckingham Palace. While running you’ll get to see some of the London's famous landmarks, including the ever-so-big London Eye and the beautiful Tower of London.

Runners cross Tower Bridge during the 2008 Flora London Marathon.

Although the entry system for this Sunday's marathon is closed, you can still apply for next year's Marathon on their website - here you’ll find helpful information and tips on how to prep for the big day with guides that cover training and injury advice. Whether you're supporting from the sidelines or sweating it out the track, at the end of the day the winners are the charities!