Geeta's Spice & Stir Sauces


We here at The Amazing Blog love our Indian food and spices. They always add the perfect amount of kick and can make any meal an exciting one. I personally love just making some simple rice and chicken and then adding a good, rich and thick sauce to it. It makes the perfect quick and easy meal. That’s why I was so excited when we received Geeta’s Spice & Stir Saag and Karai Bhuna sauces, especially since these are a sauce and spice packet combination. I couldn’t wait to get cooking.


I first tried the Saag Spice & Stir sauce, simply because I love spinach (Saag means spinach). This fragrant and slightly spicy sauce is full of delicate spinach, aromatic spices and savoury garlic. It was the perfect compliment to my steamed rice and grilled chicken. Not to mention it’s completely free of any artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.


The next night, I decided to try the other sauce and spice combination that we received. The Karai Bhuna Spice & Stir sauce is very different from the Saag Spice & Stir sauce. Bhuna is a method of Indian cooking which uses whole and ground spices which are added to hot oil and then slightly browned. This sauce is then constantly stirred in order to allow the spices to fully develop in order to create a sauce that is absolutely delicious. It’s a rich tomato sauce with onion, coriander leaf and a special blend of spices. I tried this on my rice and chicken as well and although I found it to be very flavourful I did prefer the Saag Spice & Stir sauce to this one. I found this sauce to be a bit to rich for my taste.


Let Geeta show you the exciting and colourful flavours of India, although be warned the spice packet on the top of the jar can be a bit difficult to pop off. You can purchase your own Geeta’s Spice & Stir sauces from her website for £2.09 for each sauce and spice combinations.