Dior x Harrods Exhibition and Café


As fashion lovers, whenever we get the chance to explore the history and making of brands names, we take advantage of it. That’s why when we at The Amazing Blog got word of the new Dior Exhibition and Café opening in Harrods, we knew we had to make our way over to it. The exhibition was absolutely breathtaking. Each of the nine dazzling sections featured the iconic aspects of Dior that have helped to make it the legendary name that it is today. One room features a sparkling display of J’adore Dior perfume bottles and glistening gold vintage dresses while another room features a giant white classic Dior handbag in the centre of the room; also a video of the creation of the bags is projected onto the bright white surface of the giant bag. This exhibition successfully combines French savoir-faire and British charm to create the ultimate Dior experience for anyone who lives and breathes fashion, such as I do.

003When you’re done with the exhibit head on over to the Dior café. This café features a menu of food that evokes Monsieur Dior’s love for 18th century décor and passion for scrumptious French food - apparently the Lobster Sandwich is a must. Although, if you are unable to make a reservation, I would make my way down to the Harrods food hall and pick up some of their limited edition Dior cupcakes. I mean... what’s more perfect than high-fashion and cupcakes?

The exhibition is open from March 16th-April 14th and is completely free. So when you get the chance, make your way over to Harrods to experience this one of a kind high-fashion exhibition.