Güllüoĝlu Turkish Delights

blog As our readers know, we here at The Amazing Blog love sweets. When samples come through the office we never hesitant to jump on them. But believe it or not, sampling the same flavored treats can become repetitive and a bit of a bore.  So when we learned of Güllüoĝlu Turkish Delights and their exquisite range of flavours, we anxiously awaited the arrival of their samples. And within two days of receiving these delights, the box was completely empty.

With over 150 years of experience, Güllüoĝlu is an authentic turkish brand that maintains a tradition of making the 'finest' and most delicious Turkish Delights possible. Their speciality lies in the unique and untraditional flavours they design. We received some of their most highly rated including Orange Rolled Sultan Delight, Pistachio Rolled Sultan Delight, Walnut Milky Sultan Delight, Cocoa Sultan Delight, and Coconut Pistachio Sultan Delight. At first these combinations may seem a bit strange but don't judge this book by its cover - Güllüoĝlu knows what they are doing. Each blend is perfectly matched to be sweet but not over baring.  The Walnut Milky Sultan Delight (my personal favourite) was unlike any turkish delight that anyone of us in the office had ever seen. Topped with a whole walnut this gorgeous treat was irresistible from the first bite. And the texture reminded me of a gourmet marshmallow. Nibbling on any of these uncommon flavours is sure to be delightful but for those of you that fancy the more traditional route there are classics as well including Rose, Orange and Cherry that are equally delicious.


Güllüoĝlu understands that choosing a single flavour can be quite difficult so they offer a 'Pick n Mix' service on their website that allows you to customized a 1kg box with whichever delights you desire. Starting at £0.24 per sweet, we really recommend this service. It is the perfect option to bring to your next dinner party. And once you find your favourite flavours, there are also pre-packed boxes available, starting at £9.98 each.