We Make London: A Camden Lock Market Event

9162690 Camden Lock is easily one of my favourite places to be. Their eclectic street markets, shops, restaurants and bars make this one of the most interesting areas to spend the afternoon. So, naturally, I am extremely excited to tell you about the We Make London's market event located in Camden Lock’s Middle Yard. When we at The Amazing Blog learned of this event, I couldn't wait to find out more. They run all summer long to showcasing talented designers and creators.  Occuring every first and third Friday these markets are the perfect way to spend a weekend, at least as long as the sun continues to shine!

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We Make London is a creative organisation dedicated to supporting British designers, artists, and makers. Their event at the Camden Lock is a promotional market to help creators get their name and work known. Booths and market stands fills the charming Middle Yard of Camden Lock allowing shoppers to discover high-quality handmade delights. At each given event there are up to 30 hand-picked exhibitors showcasing and selling their goods. Most products are eco-friendly and all are hand-crafted. They sell things such as jewellery, clothing, fine and graphic art, beauty products and toys. This fair allows you to meet the people who actually create and design these products and allows you to interact with them. So take a refreshing break from high street monotony and step into the exceptional world of handmade craftsmanship.




The We Make London Markets have been open since April 5th and will continue through September, so you have plenty of time to check this event out. They are open from 10am-6pm and it’s free entry. There really is no excuse not to go and check it out. We Make London also offers a book titled, "Inspired:London" that also showcases each creators work in a beautifully gallery. For more information on this exceptional markets or any other upcoming events head on over to their website. We hope to see you there next Friday the 3rd of May!