The Swimwear Edition

With Katie’s Jamican excursion and this gorgeous weather that has been infecting London, I suddenly realised swimsuit weather is right around the corner. It’s been a few years since my last swimsuit shopping extravaganza and I’m a bit behind the times. I started looking around at a few of my favourite shops to see what patterns and colours are ‘in’ this year.

Looking at high street fave H&M, I noticed a lot of navys and nudes as well as bright and retro inspired patterns. The purple number above is one of my favourites! I also found a funky Australian label called Anna & Boy. If you are prepared to drop a bit of change, this place has taken swimwear to the next level. The bold patterns and bright colours are seriously calling my name. Katie has been obsessing over this super-fun leopard bikini for the past hour, occasionally reasserting her claim on it by announcing“I want this one!” to the room.

Now, I know most of us like to have a side of beachwear with our swimwear and I know the perfect person to ask. Louise Sandberghas a wide range of fabulous and luxurious beachwear. Looking at her website makes me itch for a holiday of my own. Her colour inspirations for 2011 are honeysuckle, coral, green pea, turquoise, and lavender. Many of her featured collections have that old school 70’s feel and I am lovin’ it!

Louise Sandberg’s website features kaftans, resortwear, and accessories for women. Many of her items can be worn as eveningwear as well, making things simple for those of us who can’t drag ourselves away from the beach long enough to get ready for an evening out. The collections she carries are exclusive to her and include Donale, Love The Sand and Ambas as well as her own line, Louise Sandberg.Here at Amazing PR we absolutely love her stuff and really can’t wait for our holidays to come around to wear it, so we will probably end up belting our kaftans over a pair of jeans and platform wedges for day-to-day wear. BP