Amazing PR on the Mongol Rally (well sort of…)

We have been feeling very adventurous over the last couple of weeks at Amazing PR HQ...albeit vicariously through our friends Richie Squire and Fred Hermon and their trusty Suzuki Jimny, Taffy. The boys - team name 'The Chase' - set off on the Mongol Rally two weeks ago. An experience which prides itself on being the ultimate adventure for anyone brave (or foolhardy) enough to tackle a journey which will take you a third of the way around the world, with no set route, no backup and no support, the ultimate goal being to reach Mongolia in one piece. The promise of  'a bit of unknown in a world full health and safety measures' was a siren song to these two...and has guaranteed six weeks of sleepless nights and worry for the girlfriends and mothers left at home.  Putting all their faith in a car that strictly speaking shouldn't have been able to make it to the ferry at Dover, (engine size is strictly limited and anything too new or with any 'mod cons' - power steering/air conditioning, is frowned on, all part of the 'fun' apparently?!) let alone to the dirt tracks of the Kazakh desert could make for some interesting experiences. Their route will take them east across Europe and onto some less desirable holiday destinations including Turkmenistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and the aforementioned Kazakhstan.

And if you're still not convinced on the thinking (or lack of it) behind the whole mission, the boys are also aiming to raise as much money as possible for a very special charity, Trinity Hospice. Trinity provides long-term respite care for the terminally ill and, as it only receives 36% of its funding from the government, it needs to raise about £5 million a year to keep on providing this invaluable help -

Amazing PR are backing the boys the whole way after becoming an official sponsor and with our new logo emblazoned across their car we are literally going with them all the way to Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia.

So even though we are safely ensconced in our office in Chelsea within easy reach of Whole Foods, Topshop and most importantly a shower(!), the most adventurous part of our day being the cycle across Battersea Park, it's nice knowing the Amazing PR brand is out there seeing the world!

Check out the The Chase's blog at: