ManCave Shampoo

mancave blog imageBeing the ONLY male in the office of The Amazing Blog has its ups and has its downs at times. Mainly in my time, here it has been filled with plenty of ups. The girls have helped me transform into a dapper young gent (If I might say!) They have nurtured me into knowing how to perfect my daily regimen. I now know the values of a good moisturiser, skin care and  hair care… I never took much pride in my hair before now, until I was introduced to ManCave Shampoo. To kick-start my day, I decided to lather, rinse and repeat with ManCave. I dispensed penny-sized amount into my palm and started the three-step process. The shampoo had a great, clean scent that grasped my attention right from the start. My hair felt extremely soft and silky once washed. I never thought I would use a word like silky to describe my mane! In addition to the softness, my hair felt light, as opposed to it's usual heaviness. The texture the shampoo gave my hair also made it significantly easier to style. With the contribution of Caffeine, L-arginine, Shea Butter, Panthenol and 12 Essential Oils, the shampoo helps men gently cleanse their scalps, whilst strengthening their hair during the process. I have no complaints from this product. It’s worth keeping in my eyes. It has treated my hair with the utmost care.

ManCave Shampoo is available on their website as well at your local Sainsbury’s for £ 5.50. If looking for any other "manly" grooming products like body wash and moisturiser; definitely look towards the direction of ManCave.