Sew Over It by Lisa Comfort

sewoveritblogimage Ever wanted to know how to take a piece of clothing you have and make it fit perfectly? Maybe it is a bit too wide in the hips, or a pair of pants that need the hem let out. Possibly you just want to know the finer points of sewing on buttons and appliqués? Well, we here at The Amazing Blog have found the book for you. Sew Over It by Lisa Comfort (Ebury Press, £15) is a book for anyone who is interested in the art (and craft) of sewing. From a beginner to an expert level, this book is full of tips and tricks to benefit from. Lisa Comfort was interested in sewing from a very young age, received a sewing machine, and has since grown her love for the craft into a successful career.

Sew Over It goes from basic steps like needle threading and hand stitches to more advanced sewing techniques and projects.  An entire section is devoted to going through your closet, something many women (like myself) want and need to do. Lisa Comfort teaches you how to sort through what you already have and decide whether it is worth the time to change and repair. You then enter the chapters containing tutorials on customising, altering, and changing your clothing. There are not tutorials devoted to making clothing from scratch, but rather altering to make something fit and look better or applying an appliqué to enhance a garment. Lisa does include full on instructions for making accessories like a vintage scarf belt, a fifties style hair-band and a flower corsage. All of these are sure to make your wardrobe all the more exciting!

All in all, the projects Lisa includes in the book are very achievable and won’t take obscene amounts of time. Perfect fun for weekends and summer!  Sew Over It by Lisa Comfort (Ebury Press, £15) is a book that will enhance any shelf and is perfect for anyone who has ever had a desire to get crafty! If you are interested in taking sewing classes from Lisa Comfort and her team, she offers them at the Sew Over It Café in London as well as stocking plenty of fabrics, notions, and kits at the same location. You can purchase the book and see a list of classes offered on her website and on Amazon.