Keep Cool and Refreshed with MayaWater Facial Mist

mayawaterblogimage Most of us know that our bodies primarily consist of water. With that being said, it is quite easy during the day to forget that your skin, along with your mouth, needs it. The beauty loving girls here at The Amazing Blog are no strangers to facial mists, so when the Maya Water Organic White Tea facial mist arrived, we were all at arms to try it first.


The mist is made of PH Neutral Norwegian Thermal Spa Water and Organic White Tea. In short, this means that the mist is packed full of goodness for your skin. Anti-Oxidants that help prevent and repair sun damage, and also help with skin discolouration and wrinkles. This facial mist is absolutely perfect for refreshing skin on a hot day, when you need a pick me up, or just throughout the day! The best part is that the facial mist can be applied over make-up. The mist was studied and tested by hydrologists, and is one of the finest mists available. The fineness means that the skin absorbs it as quickly as possible, so it is safe to put over make-up.  I must admit, it feels wonderful on my skin; very gentle and moisturising.  A fun fact: you can also spray it in your hand with some of your foundation for a lighter application during the warmer months.


The Maya Water Facial Mist is an absolute luxury for hot summer days, and perfect when you need a beauty pick me up during the day. Along with the Organic White Tea infusion, there is also Organic Goji, Organic Pure, and Organic Acai.