Delicious Italian Food at the Palm of Your Hand

ritasfugasunblogimage When I think of Italian food, I just sit back and say ‘ahh’. Delectable smells and delicious tastes, Italian dishes always get my mouth watering. So it comes as no surprise that when we heard about a new Italian snack here at The Amazing Blog, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to try it. Rita’s Fugasun is a new company out of Park Royal that is creating a delicious, tasty snack  that is sure to get anyone's mouth watering.


Rita’s Fugasun is a vegetarian vegetable pie that is prepared fresh daily in their bakery. It is a compilation of vegetables wrapped in a pastry shell. Let me tell you, this is an absolutely perfect snack. It is packed full of nutrient-rich ingredients like Swiss chard, courgettes, onions, parsley, olive oil, Organic Arborio rice, and eggs. The pastry is made with organic flour, which is an added plus. The pie also contains vegetarian friendly parmesan cheese, which tastes anything but faux! We all agreed: it is delicious. Everyone loved it, and wanted more immediately.


This pie is perfect for many people, especially because it is Vegetarian Society Approved. But don’t be fooled, readers, this pie is delicious for anyone! I’m guessing you obviously want to know where these pies can be purchased, right? In London, you can get them from Planet Organic, Darwin’s Deli, and many other locations. Check the Rita’s Fugasun website for a full listing. The pies can also be delivered to an office by calling 020 8537 9070. Definitely time to re-think your next snack!