Get Beautiful, Hydrated Skin With Gatineau 'Aquamemory'

Gatineau Aquamemory Image  

As we all know, the stresses of daily life can take a toll on the delicate skin of our face. Whether you are sitting at an office desk or travelling on the tube, your skin takes in a lot of environmental strain every day. Here at The Amazing Blog, we know (and stress) how important it is to take care of your skin, particularly to keep it moisturised. One of our most-loved skin care brands, Gatineau, released a skin care range called 'Aquamemory', and we were absolutely thrilled to try it.


Aquamemory, by Gatineau, is a skin care range that specifically targets keeping the skin hydrated, no matter what your skin type. Although it is a full skincare range, we were particularly impressed with one product: the Moisture Replenish Concentrate. It is a water-based serum designed to use morning and/or night along with your other skincare products to keep moisture locked into the skin. The serum also protects skin from free radicals and environmental damage and is great for men as well as women. One of the things that we love about Gatineau is that they have tested and proven results of their products. Gatineau says that with this serum, ‘+53% of rehydration to the skin will happen after 15 minutes of application’. This means that the serum is perfect for dehydrated skin and for people who are travelling.  The Aquamemory line boasts a high content of hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated as well as using a technology called osmaporine, which blends micro marine algae and marine plants in the formula to moisturise skin.


Whether you have oily or dry skin, this serum is designed for you. Anyone can use it along with their current skin regime and of course it works very well with the other products in the Aquamemory range. We absolutely loved how it felt on the skin and how it kept our skin hydrated much longer than most serums. To purchase the serum for £48.50, visit The Beauty Room's website. To view my previous post on Gatineau’s ‘Melatogenine’ range, click here.