Go on a Sugar Rush with Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

 Pierre Herme tour picture - Chelsea Chocolate Tour


At The Amazing Blog, it isn't just beauty products and fashion that gets our gears going. We absolutely adore food; each one of us having our favourite things to enjoy. Personally, I am an avid lover of chocolate. I find myself always pondering new ways to enjoy my favourite sweet treat. What I can eat it with, or on, and what are the newest and most delicious chocolates on the market. When I found out about the Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, I was incredibly excited, as it is a tour completely about chocolate.



The founder, Jennifer Earle, believes that each tour should be a ‘chocolate adventure’ starting with a hot chocolate, and ending with the guests being ‘completely chocolat-ed out’. To me, this sounds like a perfect way to spend a day. There are four different tours to choose from, and I promise, you will want to attend every single one! First on the list is the Mayfair Chocolate Tour, which samples some of the most traditional chocolates in England, even the Queen’s favourite. This tour is perfect for milk chocolate lovers of all ages. A more sophisticated option is the Chelsea Tour, where you will be sampling chocolates from some of the most cutting edge chocolatiers that include a few award-winners. This tour is perfect for someone who wants to become a true connoisseur of the sweet! There is also an Evening Tour, in which you delve into the VIP treatment and get to sample bespoke chocolate cocktails and even get to watch chocolate being made.  Last, but certainly not least: the Full Day Chocolate Tour in which you receive 8 hours of chocolate upon chocolate. Meals are served as well on this tour, so you won’t have to worry about a sugar overload.

Paul's shop - Mayfair Chocolate Ecstasy Tour


The best thing, in my opinion is that on any Chocolate Ecstasy Tour, you are sampling premium chocolate, without artificial flavourings and vegetable fats. You can also choose a customised tour for occasions like a hen party or a birthday. For booking and a calendar of dates, check out the Chocolate Ecstasy Tours website.