Spice Up Your Home with Abode



We all love fragrances for the skin. From women to men, it is an extensive industry that carries something for every taste and smell (so to speak). Here at The Amazing Blog, we like to have a lovely scent in the office just as much as we do on our bodies. There are so many various types of home fragrances out there, from candles to aerosol sprays, but one that really stands out is the diffuser. When we found out about Abode Aroma diffusers, we were very excited to try out some scents from their very extensive fragrance collection.


For those of you that aren’t familiar with reed diffusers, the reeds absorb the fragrance of the oil contained in a bottle, and the reeds diffuse the fragrance into the air. Plus, they are very stylish in appearance, so they look great in the home! Abode Aroma chooses to craft their reeds out of bamboo, which is incredibly porous and absorbent, so the scent is stronger than with other choices. Using 90% fragrance oil and 10% alcohol also means that the scent is stronger, and the fragrance lasts much longer, as there is no water to dilute it. Abode Aroma also makes sure that their packaging is super stylish, ranging from ultra modern to very feminine. All of the diffusers are in clear glass bottles, so they will look fabulous in any room. We were able to test out some scents from their new Neon Collection, which is very modern ‘fluoroscape’ of fragrances. Two standouts that we thought were perfect for late summer and early autumn are Oriental Spice and Fresh Fig. Oriental spice is a very exotic scent, full of ylang-ylang, vanilla, and amber. Overall, it is a very warm scent and will certainly take you on a mini-scent-vacation. Fresh Fig has an obvious sweet fig smell, partnered with oranges, blackcurrant, and foliage. Both of these scents are very unisex-friendly, and would liven up any home. Because of the wonderful packaging, and easiness of the product, the Abode Aroma diffusers make absolutely wonderful ‘grab and go gifts’.


If you are interested in livening up your home, office, or getting a gift for a loved one, look no further because Abode Aroma will certainly have something for you. Their collection is extensive, and they have a scent for any season, and any home. To purchase a diffuser from Abode Aroma (£21-£40 retail), visit the Amara or Acassa website.