Celebrate the Weekend in Style with 40 Days of Cocktails



It’s not often that you find a restaurant that has inexpensive (and delicious) cocktails. We’re constantly on a search here at The Amazing Blog, because honestly; we don’t always want to spend upwards of £10 on one drink. We were so excited when we found out about the 40 days of cocktails event at Brown’s restaurant and bar that we absolutely had to share it with you.cocktail

The event began on the 24th of July, but don’t worry readers, you have 40 days to enjoy this spectacular of spectaculars. Brown’s is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a special cocktail each day that is only £1. Yes, you heard me right. Obviously you can also order any other drink you please, but the cocktail of the day is sure to not disappoint. You may be wondering if we have we tried and tested this event, and the answer is: yes. We didn’t know what to expect, as we hadn’t been to Brown’s before. First of all, the location is absolutely lovely. The restaurant is tucked in Covent Garden, and it is massive. We had absolutely wonderful service and also had some of the bar snacks, which were delicious.  All in all, a wonderful experience that many will surely enjoy. I think this is great for after work relaxation and obviously perfect for weekends as well. A lovely way to enjoy the summer nights!


You will need to pick up the 40 Days of Cocktails booklets, which has a sheet for each day with the name of the drink available, which is perfect for planning ahead. You have until the 1st of September  to enjoy these cocktails, so you can be sure to find a day that works for you! To find out more information and book ahead for larger parties, visit the Brown’s Restaurant website.