Tantalise Your Tastebuds with Montezuma's Flavoured Chocolate

montezuma blog image If you want to know the complete truth, there aren’t many things we love more than a delicious piece of chocolate here at The Amazing Blog. Milk, dark, white, there isn’t really anything we’d object to in the realm of cacao. The wonderful thing is, England is full of luxury chocolatiers, and a company that really stands out to us is Montezuma’s.  They bring together traditional chocolate and innovative pairings that will send your taste buds on a whirlwind, and we were so excited to try some of their new bars that they were all gone within a day at the office.


We were graciously able to sample three of their flavoured chocolate bars in Charlie’s Luck, Peeling Amorous, and Open Sesame. Beyond the lovely, kitsch names, the chocolate is wonderful. Charlie’s Luck was first to be eaten, and my personal favourite. It is dark chocolate with chilli, ginger, and peanuts. The combination is unexpected and wonderful. Open Sesame was next; milk chocolate with caramelized sunflower and sesame seeds. That one was gobbled up in minutes. Finally, we put Feeling Amorous in the fridge and had it cold. It is a perfect dessert bar; white chocolate with lemon and sour cherry, refreshing for after dinner.


In addition to the flavoured bars that we sampled, Montezuma’s offers an extensive range of ‘quintessentially British’ bars as well as truffles and gift sets. The bars retail around £2.39 each and you can go an get your cocoa fix from the Montezuma’s website as well as at their store locations.