‘Blanche The Blues’ with the Soak Yourself Bath Ritual Recipe Kit

NEW blog image We all know too well, you’ve had an incredibly long week, and all you want to do is get home and have a relaxing bath. But the problem is, you have to gather all of the necessary materials for good bath time: bubble bath, candles, soap, and whatever else you may need. Couldn’t it all just come in one handy box? Well, now it can! Here at The Amazing Blog, we got the opportunity to try Jackie Hope’s new Soak Yourself Bath Ritual Recipe Kit in ‘Blanche The Blues’, and it really is an experience.

Soak Yourself is a 100% natural product kit containing all the essentials for at least four relaxing baths. The box comes to you neatly packaged, with an instruction booklet and even a ‘permission slip for a guilt-free soak’.  The ‘Blanche the Blues’ box was designed to give you a mood boost and make good of a bad day. It includes: foaming and cleansing salts, Bergamot essential oil, Sweet Orange essential oil, Lavender essential oil, handmade Eucalyptus soap, uplifting candle and holder, and chamomile tea bags. According to Jackie, you must first brew the chamomile tea, and then do exactly as she instructs for creating the perfect, relaxing bath.

From the packaging to the ingredients, this is an absolutely adorable product. They are perfect for yourself to have on handy for needy days, or for a gift for someone special. There are seven sets to choose from: Love Soak, Muscle Soak, Remedy Soak, Blanche the Blues Soak, Broken Heart Soak, Feeling Groovy Soak, and Full Moon Soak.  Each kit retails at £40 and is available for purchase on the Soak Yourself website.