Delectable Treats from Charbonnel et Walker

Blog Image Here at The Amazing Blog we are not ashamed to admit that we are chocoholics! So when we find a chocolate product that is really special we simply have to spread the word. We were really excited to receive some chocolate goodies from Charbonnel et Walker, a high end chocolatier that is in fact one of the oldest in Britain.

We were lucky enough to try out some chocolates from the Delectables Collection, a range designed to be the perfect after dinner treat. There is an assortment of flavours on offer, 70% Dark Batons, Sea Salt Caramel Batons, Ginger Sticks and Orange Sticks, so there is a flavour to suit most palates.

Before we had even tried the chocolate, we had all fallen in love with the packaging. The chocolate batons come in a classic and classy navy blue box with gold lettering, so we thought that they would make a fantastic gift for family or friends. We also discovered that Charbonnel et Walker holds the Royal Warrant, that is a sign of quality that simply cannot be argued with!

We tried out the Sea Salt Caramel Batons and the Orange Sticks. My favourite just has to be the Sea Salt Caramel Batons, I love chocolate but can often find milk chocolate far too sweet for my taste, however the salt cuts through the sweetness, taking the edge off it.

The Orange Sticks are very different to your typical chocolate orange, the sticks consist of sweet candied orange covered in delicious bitter dark chocolate. This combination of the sweet and bitter works in perfect harmony, with the two flavours complimenting each other perfectly.

We think that these delectable treats are perfect for impressing guests at a dinner party or to give as a gift to a loved one as not only does the box look great, but the chocolate is rich and delicious. You can purchase chocolates from the After Dinner Collection from the Charbonnel et Walker website where they retail for £12 for a box of 125g.