Shake Up Your Cocktail Recipes with Alchemist Dreams Liqueurs

new blog image At The Amazing Blog, there is one thing that we can all agree on when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, we love to make (and drink!) cocktails. However, sometimes we get stuck in a rut of making the same old drinks time after time, so we were looking for something new to spice up our cocktail recipes ready for the approaching bank holiday weekend! When we discovered Alchemist Dreams, we thought we had died and gone to cocktail heaven!

Alchemist Dreams offer a bespoke liqueur service, allowing you to create your very own liqueurs! To create your signature liqueur, you have to first choose from a range of delicious fruits to create a base for your liqueur. Then you can select a couple of accent flavours such as vanilla, wormwood or cacao to create a truly unique flavour based around your own personal taste, meaning you get exactly what you want from your liqueur!

When creating your own liqueur you can also select from a range of bottle shapes and sizes to cater for your needs. We think that the Alchemist Dreams liqueurs would make a fantastic present for friends or family as it is a truly unique idea that everyone is bound to be impressed by.

If the thought of designing your own liqueur seems a bit too confusing for you, don’t worry, under each ingredient the types of accent or base flavour that would compliment it have been listed, so you can’t really go wrong! You can also choose from a range of tried and tested home blends if you are feeling less creative!

We sampled the home blend Summer Storm, which  is a concoction of lime, ginger, and Elderflower. This is a perfectly summery liqueur; it is light and perfect for a relaxing summer evening. We also tried out Twisted Mocha, a combination of coffee, cacao, orange, and cinnamon. We loved it! It tastes like an orange latte, and is very energizing and uplifting. Other home blends that are available are: Black(berry) Magic, Broken Temperance, and High Tea, all of which have a unique combination of flavours and we think they sound amazing!

You can drink these liqueurs in a variety of ways so you will never tire of your blend. Alchemist Dreams suggest that you first try the liqueur on its own, as it is perfectly tasty neat or on the rocks. You can mix it with soda or tonic water to create a long drink out of your liqueur. One very interesting idea is pouring it over ice-cream – something we are definitely going to try with the Twisted Mocha flavour! Best of all though, these liqueurs can be used to create bespoke cocktails of your own design, which is sure to impress at parties or dinner events!

If you fancy testing your mixology skills to add a twist to your home-made cocktails we recommend creating your own bespoke concoction in the  Alchemist Dreams website, prices start from just £5 for a 50ml miniature.