Join the Equinox Kombucha Revolution

Kombucha blog image As you already know, we in The Amazing Blog office are avid tea lovers, but when we were asked if we had ever tried ‘living teas’ before, we had to say we hadn’t, and so we were very interested to find out more about them.

Living tea contains live yeast and bacteria within the drink that are vital and essential to a healthy digestive system. The bacteria that lives within the fermented tea is quite similar to that in a pro-biotic supplement or pro-biotic yogurt. It is friendly bacteria, and helps your digestive system function as well as it possibly can. People have believed in the power of Kombucha living tea for thousands of years, particularly in Asia. Equinox Kombucha is a company y out of Yorkshire that has created a range of living teas inspired by the four elements, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. We were so excited to try these new, healthy beverages when they arrived at The Amazing Blog, and let’s just say that they were nothing short of delicious.

Equinox Kombucha was born out of a love for the drink that was discovered when the creators were travelling in Southeast Asia. They came back home only to realise that they dearly missed the Kombucha drink, and so they began to brew it themselves. The teas are all organic, brewed with Fair trade Chun Me green tea, Raw Cane Sugar (Rainforest Alliance Certifed), as well as other herbal teas and Ginger juice.  We were very lucky to be sent all four flavours of the tea to try out, which are all unique and wonderful. Representing the element of Earth is the Original Kombucha, which is sweet and sour, and will keep you grounded. Raspberry and Elderflower represents Water, and is a lovely, crisp and fruity combination. Wild Berry flavour becomes Air; it is very ‘awakening’ and even children will love the sweet taste. Fire is perfectly represented by a Ginger flavour, which is exotic and full bodied.

If you are interested in joining the Kombucha Revolution and leading an overall healthier lifestyle, you can buy the drinks on the Equinox Kombucha website. Retailing at £1.60 each or £5.99 for a set; there is even a set of 20 bottles for the Kombucha enthusiast! They are also sold at a large variety of natural foods stores all listed on the website. Best part of all is that Equinox Kombucha gives a percentage of all profits to the development of humanitarian and conservation projects. Now go on and join the Kombucha Revolution!