L'Anza's KB2 Hydrate Shampoo and Detangler

l'anza blog image Here at The Amazing Blog, hair care is a very important part of our daily routine, and we are always trying out new tips and products to keep our hair looking glossy and healthy. So when we find a product that can actually help to repair our hair from environmental damage and self-inflicted damage such as hair colouring, we get very excited about it. We have recently being trying out some products from L’Anza, a hair care brand who specialise in creating products that will keep your hair strong, smooth and healthy. So naturally we couldn’t wait to try out their KB2 Hydrate Shampoo and Detangler.

The Keratin Bond 2 Complex replenishes vital keratin proteins in the hair. It has an essential blend of vitamins and botanicals that leave the hair feeling soft and looking radiant. The shampoo has a lovely herbal scent that reminded us of Aveda products that you may be familiar with. It feels lovely in the hair because it lathers well, so it feels very cleansing. One of the truly wonderful things about this shampoo is that it has double UV protection. Many of us do not even realise that our scalp is just as sensitive to the sun as the skin on our bodies, and therefore having a shampoo with UV protection helps to protect your scalp against the harmful rays from the sun.

We also were able to sample the Hydrate Detangler from L’Anza, a lotion that helps to rid hair of tangles and knots that can damage the hair. I found this absolutely wonderful, I have very thick hair which knots easily and if I’m not careful, brushing these knots out will break and pull out my hair. Unlike the usual brush out method, this lotion works to gently remove the horrible knots, so damage to the hair is significantly reduced. Both of these products in the KB2 Hydrate range also replenish moisture if you hair is dry and damaged, which is essential to get your hair looking healthier. L’Anza has also created a wonderful oil treatment, which we tried in addition to the shampoo and detangler. You can apply this to damp or dry hair and style as normal and we found it is a perfect periodic treatment for tired locks.

If you are interested in creating a new hair care regime, look no further than L’Anza. They have specially formulated products to suit any hair type, from dry hair to flat hair that needs volume. To find out more about the KB2 range and any other L’Anza products, visit their website. You can purchase the KB2 Hydrate range from Look Fantastic where you the Hydrate Shampoo retails for £14.75 and the Hydrate Detangler is £15.75.