Happy Kitchen Brownies

Image of Happy Kitchen Brownies We all know that it is alright to have a naughty treat once in a while, personally anything involving chocolate hits my treat sweet spot, but what if you could have a treat that is healthy, but still tastes naughty? Here at The Amazing Blog, we recently found out about Happy Kitchen, a bakery and canteen in London offering up healthy and delicious dessert. When we heard about their famous Brownies, we had to get our hands on them.

Happy Kitchen was started by two best friends who shared the same love for baking, and wanted everyone to benefit from their love of food, thus Happy Kitchen was born. They make healthy and eco friendly foods which they sell both through their bakery, and through various stockist. We opted to try their Brownies, and we were not at all disappointed. The brownies are individually packaged and come in four delicious flavours: plain chocolate, pecan, raspberry, and orange. The best part is: they only contain seven ingredients! They are vegan, gluten-free, and sweetened with fruit instead of refined sugar. Oh, not to mention that they are absolutely scrumptious, moist and packed full of flavour. The best part is they are good for you! It has certainly made us feel a lot less guilty about our afternoon snacking.

If you are interested in trying out these tasty Brownies yourself then visit the Happy Kitchen website, Brownies retail at £1.49 each. There, you can also learn more about the other delicious desserts that the baking duo sell in their shop as well as how to get to their bakery/canteen.