J.Friend and Co New Zealand Artisan Honey

blog image We all have a bit of a sweet tooth here at The Amazing Blog and love to indulge in some sweet treats, and treats don’t come much sweeter than pure honey. So imagine our delight when we received a box full of jars of J.Friend and Co New Zealand Artisan Honey. These adorable jars turned up in a variety of  flavoured honeys, and we just couldn’t wait to get stuck in – after all when it comes to honey it’s all about getting sticky!

Thanks to the wide selection of J.Friend and Co, we were able to sample a variety of their different flavours, so there was no fear of us not receiving our honey fix. But my personal favourite has to be the White Clover, this creamy honey was deliciously fudgy and unlike any honey I’d tried before. It was so smooth with a much mellower sweet honey flavour, I could happily spoon it straight from the jar.

Each of the flavours we tried were completely unique, this is down to the various combinations of location, climate, soil and temperature giving them each an individual personality and taste. Who knew honey could be so diverse? What’s more is that each jar of honey comes with a little bit of information tracing it back to its source, vintage, region and even the name of the beekeeper, so you know exactly where your little jar of honey has come from. We think this is a lovely touch and actually makes your honey experience that little bit more special.

I also have to mention the fact that this honey is completely organic and environmentally friendly, another great reason why we love it. There are no chemicals used on the land where beehives are kept and no chemicals are used to treat the hives or during processing the honey. Their honey is also the first in the world to achieve carboNZero certification thanks to their low emissions. Turns out J.Friend and Co Honey is sweet in more ways than one.

New Zealand Artisan Honey is available to buy from their website, with prices starting from £4.32 for a 160g jar.