AEOS Skincare Beauty Body Lotions

AEOS Skincare BLOG image It is not often that you come across skincare brands that make you re-think the purpose of your products. Here at The Amazing Blog, we take the time to research a company’s intentions before we decide to try their products. Recently, we came across AEOS Skincare, which is revolutionising the way we look at product creation and production. We were able to sample two of their Beauty Body Lotions, Awakening and Harmonising, and we must say that those are revolutionary as well.

AEOS, which stands for Active Energised Organic Skincare, has created a way of producing skincare that is very unique to their brand. Aura-Soma, their producer, has a biodynamic farm called Shire Farm, where all of the plants are grown that produce the AEOS range. This means that the plants are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or growth enhancers, and are as pure and natural as they can be. They harvest and grow the plants in a way that each plant is tenderly cared for and it’s ‘being’ is as strong as possible.  All of the plant extracts and oils in the products are considered ‘alive’ by AEOS, so they are still living organisms when you use them. We were able to sample the AEOS Beauty Body Lotion in ‘Awakening’ and ‘Harmonising’. The Beauty Body Lotion in Awakening is packed full of nourishing plant extracts and essential oils like Spelt oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Lavender Extract, and Calendula Extract. The colour is also derived from the Calendula Extract and is in no way artificial. The lotion also contains Crystal Essences from Opal, Fire Opal, Zincite, Quartz, Carnelian, and Orange Calcite. The scent is lovely, very plant like and does ‘awaken’ the senses. You are advised to use this product sparingly, shake it up a little, and apply it to damp skin so that it can be absorbed as quickly as possible.

AEOS Skincare has a three-phase system with their products, which uses the different products in the range to create an ideal face and body system for optimal benefits. To find out more information about the AEOS Beauty Body Lotion or any of their other products, visit their website, where you can purchase the lotion for £35.80. AEOS are currently running an amazing deal on their website where you receive the Harmonising Beauty Body Lotion for free with any purchase while stocks last.