Alassala Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for Face and Body

NEW BLOG IMAGE I’m sure, like us girls at The Amazing Blog, that many of you have used Argan Oil as a treatment on your hair, but have you ever considered using it on your face and body? Alassala Arabic for ‘authenticity and originality’, have produced an Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for Face and Body,natural oil especially made for your skin.

Alassala believe that beauty products should be natural, and as such, the Argan Oil is 100% natural and so it is  free of chemical nasties that you can find in some similar products. It is rich in vitamin E, Omega acids and anti-oxidants and is unperfumed making it suitable for sensitive skin too.

Argan Oil can be used to ease numerous conditions, such as reducing the appearance of pores and wrinkles, smoothing and calming irritated skin, removing scars, stretch marks, blotches and age spots and can relieve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The product comes with a pump applicator so there is no spillage or waste. It can be used twice daily in your skin care routine and it is good as a base before you apply your make up. The Moroccan Argan Oil comes in a 50ml bottle costing £16.99, which can be purchased from the Alassala website.