Time Out Top 100 Cheap Eats in London

Blog image As many of our readers from London might know, London is an expensive city to live in. Those of us who live in this amazing city, face the struggle of having big living expenses… the most outstanding one? Rent. Nevertheless, London is renowned for its wide restaurant and gastronomy offering; so bearing in mind our budgets and our love for going out for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, Time Out have given us a wonderful solution in the form of a book. Time Out Top 100 Cheap Eats in London has become a book that  The Amazing Blog always take a look at for recommendations whenever we want to treat ourselves to an affordable, yet high-quality meal.

The fantastic thing about Top 100 Cheap Eats is that the restaurants are organised by area; so if you want to have lunch with friends in South London, the suggestions are easy to find. In this book you can find the best places to get burgers, burritos, pie and mash… it even introduces you to the most popular food markets of the city; including my personal favourite, Borough Market.

Whenever me and my friends plan on going out for a meal I take this gem of a book with me just because I know that I can genuinely rely on it for a good and affordable meal. Each restaurant included in the book has been handpicked on the basis of quality for money, and has been tried and tested by the Time Out’s review team themselves.

Covering everywhere in the city, Time Out offers this essential guide to the Londoner who wants to go out without breaking the bank… because we all know that is quite easily achievable in the Brit capital.

If you'd like to expand your tastebuds on a strict budget, you will find the Time Out Top 100 Cheap Eats in London available from Amazon for £4.99.