Saviour Snack Box

saviour snack box blog image Normally we’re encouraged not to snack, but how could we resist the temptation when a box of the most delicious treats arrived just for us here at The Amazing Blog. Turns out we had nothing to worry about as our Saviour had arrived.

Saviour delivers smart, healthy snack boxes right to your doorstep. All the snacks in each box must adhere to the strict Saviour Standard, so if they contain trans fats, artificial ingredients, MSG or any ingredients you can’t pronounce then they don’t make the cut and they’re not in your box. They also check the nutritional profile of each snack to look for any extra health benefits. Basically they do all the hard work to find healthy, delicious food without anything nasty, making it incredibly easy for you to make the right snacking choice. That sounds perfect to us!

These clever boxes are wonderfully tailored to the customer as there’s a box to suit every need. They come in three different sizes, Super, Original and Mini, so you can order one for home or a sharer for the office either monthly, weekly, fortnightly or even as a one-off treat. They also have a Gluten-free option with more collections coming soon. The range of snacks includes breakfast options, soups, nuts, seeds, protein bars, raw chocolate and other savory snacks, with boxes varying each week, they contain new products as well as the familiar favourites each time they’re delivered. Some of our favourite snacks included are amazing “Tasty Mediterranean” Olives from Oloves and some incredibly moreish popcorn, with a bit of a twist thanks to the unique flavour of Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun Dried Tomato, from Propercorn. The other snacks were equally delicious and varied and needless to say, left us wanting box after box of Saviour snacks.

We think these boxes are an ingenious idea, who wouldn’t love a tasty package delivered regularly, made even more exciting by the fact its all guilt free.

Saviour snacks are available to order here, where boxes cost £75 (Super), £15 (Original) or £6 (Mini) per box with weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions available as well as one-off purchases.