Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayon Collection

BLOG image With the change in seasons we often find that our wardrobes tend to get darker and we lose all our bright summery colours. However we love to bring back a pop of summer colour with our lips. Like girls, here at The Amazing Blog office, we love trying out new lipsticks, glosses and balms in an array of different shades depending on the mood, season and, of course, outfit. So, we are happy to tell you all about one of our new favourite lip collections, Posh Pout by Beauty UK.

Beauty UK’s Posh Pout lip crayons are the perfect handbag accessory for girls on the go. These lovely lip crayons are not only highly pigmented, but also work to hydrate your lips and prevent the cold Autumn weather from drying them out. The intense burst of colour is relatively long lasting and leaves a stain on the lips, so even when the product wears off, the colour still remains, keeping your lips perfectly kissable all day long.

These fantastic lip crayons come in six different shades, all of which are bright and bold, perfect for cheering up any winter outfit. This includes Big Pinkin, a Barbie pink that Nicki Minaj would be proud of, Would I Lilac To You, is a beautiful soft lilac shade that is something a bit different to our normal go-to lip shades. Power to the Purple, is an elegant plum colour that is perfect for creating the Autumn berry lip. How Nude, is probably the tamest of the shades and is sheer and simple, we think this is a great shade for when you want your eyes to do the standing out. Corally Incorrect is a gorgeous summery coral that would work well to bring a burst of warmth and colour to the colder months and finally Sugar Plum Fairy, a frosted plum hue that is pearly and wonderful for Christmas time.

We think that the Posh Pout lip crayons are a must-have for any lip fanatics because the shades on offer are so vivid and there is a colour suitable for every taste. The office favourite was Corally Incorrect as it is such a classic shade that can go with virtually anything, Summer or Winter, it is just so versatile. However, we also loved Would I Lilac To You, as it is a little bit different and definitely a shade that used to be outside of our colour comfort zone.

If you are keen to experiment with your lip colours, then you can get your hands on your very own Posh Pout lip crayon for a mere £2.99 each; either from the Beauty UK website or from Superdrug.